couple on dateThis is the next post in my series on steps to take after a Las Vegas divorce. My last article focused on vendors you need to contact upon the end of a marriage. It is important that you get utilities into your name and that you contact entities such as Social Security immediately. Doing so will prevent you from having “loose ends” which could create problems later. In this article I will discuss something that is often a touchy subject for divorcees with children – entering the dating pool. Taking an inappropriate approach to dating may result in your going back to Court for additional child custody proceedings.

It is important that a Las Vegas parent exercise discretion when balancing their dating life with the interests of their children. It is strongly suggested that you know quite a bit about a person, and that you feel they may be around long term, before you introduce them to your children. It is not in your child’s best interest to regularly be introduced to new dating partners and doing so can give a child a sense of instability. Throwing your new dating partner right into meeting your child may also not be good for your new relationship, for obvious reasons. In short, introducing a new dating partner to your child is something that should only be done after you have known the person for some time and believe it is truly a good idea to do so.

It is, unfortunately, not uncommon for someone to jump into a new dating relationship with a person who is not appropriate for the children. A parent may begin dating someone with a criminal history, with addiction issues, or who behaves inappropriately around the kids (such as constantly using foul language). A common problem is that a parent’s new significant other may regularly demean or badmouth the other parent in the presence of the child. Situations such as these may lead to the other parent requesting a change of child custody. It is important to understand that two of the factors which concern the Clark County Family Court in a child custody case are the safety of the children and the level of conflict between the parents. It goes without saying that a dating partner with criminal or addiction issues may create a dangerous environment. Likewise, a parent who allows their dating partner to demean the other parent is raising the level of conflict. It is important that one understand these issues before entering the dating pool.

If a parent feels that their counterpart’s dating life is not in the best interests of a child then it is important that they contact a child custody attorney as soon as possible. As a Las Vegas family law lawyer I handle many such matters. Contact my office today to schedule an initial consultation.