Attorney Handling Legal Separations in Las Vegas

Many people wish to end their marriage but cannot for reasons such as health insurance. Fortunately, Nevada allows for what is known as a legal separation. Unlike a divorce, a separation allows the parties to remain legally married while providing many of the legal protections that come from divorce. If you believe that you may require a legal separation then contact the Robinson Law Group today.

Las Vegas Legal Separation Lawyer

Amber Robinson and the Robinson Law Group have experience in handling legal separations for residents of the Las Vegas area. Legal separations often occur for insurance reasons; the parties may wish to divorce but cannot due to reasons of maintaining health insurance coverage. Quite often, and insurer will allow the parties to maintain coverage if they are legally separated. Legal separation provides many of the same benefits of divorce, such as:

The easiest way to think of a legal separation is that you are essentially divorced and remain married in a legal sense only. If you wish to obtain more information on legal separations then contact Amber Robinson and the Robinson Law Group today.

Nevada Legal Separation Attorney

Health insurance is not the only reason why parties often file for legal separation. Quite often parties may wish to separate but recognize that there is a possibility of reconciliation. In such a circumstance one may not wish to end their marriage yet but also feels a need to be protected from the other party acting in an irresponsible manner. A legal separation protects someone in this situation. If, for example, you are legally separated and your spouse suddenly incurs a large amount of debt than that debt will belong solely to the spouse and will not be a community debt. If you are considering a trial separation, in an effort to save your marriage, then ensure that you are protected by contacting Las Vegas attorney Amber Robinson today. Our office may be contacted online or by telephone at (702) 527-2625.