Las Vegas Grandparent Rights Lawyer

Divorce and child custody matters can often result in grandparents or third persons seeing a child less than they did before. Nevada law allows for instances where people other than parents can gain visitation to a child. The fact of the matter is that children are often close to people other than their parents and, when appropriate, these relationships need to be maintained.

Las Vegas attorney protecting the child visitation rights of grandparents and other third-persons

Grandparents have a special bond with their grandchildren. The law allows for grandparents to gain visitation with children under certain circumstances. Grandparent visitation can be awarded in cases where the child’s parents have gone through a divorce, where one parent has unfortunately passed away, if there has been a termination of parental rights, or if a parent is incarcerated. Nevada law puts the burden on the grandparent to establish that it is in a child’s best interests for there to be visitation. Visitation will not be granted if it is not in the best interests of the child.

Las Vegas family law attorney Amber Robinson and the Robinson Law Group have successfully represented both grandparents who wished to obtain visitation and parents who disputed that visitation should occur. Amber handles all matters in the office personally so you can be assured that your case is receiving appropriate attention. Contact Amber today to schedule an initial consultation.

Nevada Third-Party Visitation

Our state extends the possibility of visitation to third-parties other than grandparents. Great grandparents and anyone who has resided with the child or children may also request visitation. As with grandparents, such people requesting visitation must show that it is in the best interests of the child or children for visitation to occur. If you have resided with a child in the past and are struggling to maintain a relationship with that child then contact the Robinson Law Group today.