Las Vegas Parental Abduction Lawyer

You have the expectation that your child’s other parent will return your child when expected. Unfortunately this does not always happen. Las Vegas attorney Amber Robinson and the Robinson Law Group have dealt with numerous cases of parental abduction. If you are in this situation then call our office immediately.

Las Vegas attorney assisting those whose child has been abducted by the other parent

It can be considered parental abduction if your child’s other parent keeps the child past the time allowed under your child custody order. In such a situation the police often will not get involved and will require what is known as a “Pick Up Order” from the Court before they will retrieve the child. Our Las Vegas family law firm has successfully gained pick up orders on behalf of our clients and have had parents held in contempt of court for violating child custody orders.

Our office takes parental abduction seriously. If your child has been abducted then we will immediately file a Motion with the Court to have the child returned. Typically the Court will issue an Order to have the child returned within a few days of the Motion being filed. The Court will also schedule a contempt hearing against the non-returning parent. The Court will sometimes order the non-returning parent to pay the other parent’s attorney fees in such a case. If you are in need of a pick-up order than contact us immediately at (702) 527-2625.

Nevada Child Concealment Attorney

The Robinson Law Group understands that nothing is more stressful than your child not being returned. Amber handles all matters in the office personally. When you hire our Nevada law firm you will not be passed off to an associate or a paralegal. Amber works to keep her clients apprised as to the status of her cases and makes herself available to her clients.

Amber has successfully represented parents in abduction cases as well as child custody cases.  Amber is able to handle most abduction cases for a flat fee. You have enough stress over the fact that your child is missing and how you are going to pay your attorney should not be another source of stress. Amber’s flat fee structure allows you to know how much the process is going to cost so you can worry about your child other than money.