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People are often in a situation where an annulment is preferable to divorce. An annulment has the legal effect of saying that your marriage never occurred in the first place. Nevada will grant an annulment if you were married due to fraud, incompetence, or lack of capacity. While these concepts may sound straightforward, they actually have very precise legal definitions. The Robinson Law Group has handled many annulments and can help in your case.

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The Robinson Law Group is a Las Vegas, Nevada legal firm that has handled many annulments. Attorney Amber Robinson handles all cases in the office personally so you can be assured that your case will always be up to speed.

Nevada allows for annulment in cases involving the following:

  • Fraud
  • Incompetence
  • Lack of capacity

While there are other grounds for a Nevada annulment, these are the most common.

An annulment cannot be granted for fraud simply because one spouse lied to the other about something before the marriage. A spouse wishing for an annulment based on fraud must show that the marriage would not have been entered into if it was not for the fraud. An annulment based on incompetence requires proof that the party was legally incompetent at the time of the marriage. An annulment for lack of capacity can be granted if one party legally lacked capacity to make informed decisions at the time of the marriage. An example of an annulment for lack of capacity would be in a case where a spouse was intoxicated at the time of the marriage.

A spouse must present meaningful proof of fraud, incompetence, or lack of capacity, for an annulment to be granted. This requires building a proper case from the beginning and properly presenting your case at trial. Amber has handled numerous family law trials and is experienced with annulments. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation with the Robinson Law Group.

Nevada lawyer who understands annulment law

Annulment cases differ from Nevada divorce matters. A Nevada divorce case requires that at least one of the parties has lived in Nevada for at least six weeks. An annulment, however, can be granted in Nevada even if neither party lives in our state as long as the parties were married here. If the parties were not married in Nevada then an annulment can still be granted by Nevada courts as long as one of the parties has resided in our state for at least six weeks before the case is filed. Our office may be reached through our online contact form or at (702) 527-2625.