Las Vegas Parental Rights Termination Lawyer

There can be no more extreme step than the termination of one’s parental rights. The Supreme Court of Nevada has referred to terminating parental rights as the “civil death penalty.” Such a termination is no simple matter and the Court takes any request to do so very seriously. Our office has represented parents who wished to terminate the rights of the other as well as parents fighting to prevent their parental rights from being terminated.

Attorney assisting Las Vegas residents in matters involving the termination of a parent’s rights

Terminating parental rights is the most extreme type of Nevada family law case. Our Family Court system holds these cases to the highest of standards and ensures that all procedures are properly followed. Rights may be terminated under extreme circumstances, such as abandonment of the child. Termination matters are not cases where parties on either side should be attempting to represent themselves. Amber Robinson is a Las Vegas family law attorney who practices in the area of parental rights termination. Contact our office immediately if you or someone you know is involved in a termination case.

Nevada Parental Rights Attorney

While many parental termination cases are contested, there are also many in which the parties agree to the termination. These are typically cases in which the parties have decided that one parent shall voluntarily terminate their rights so the other parent’s spouse may adopt the child or children. Cases such as these can be handled quickly and efficiently. Such cases, however, still require that all of the Court’s requirements be met as terminating one’s rights is such a serious affair. Hiring a Nevada parental termination attorney who understands the process can decide whether your case goes smoothly or if there will be problems along the way. Contact our office online or by telephone to schedule a consultation with Amber Robinson of the Robinson Law Group.

Affordable Legal Representation

The Robinson Law Group is able to handle many parental rights matters for a flat fee. Whether you are seeking to terminate rights, are trying to maintain your rights, or you wish to obtain a consensual termination, then our office can often do so for a set price. Call today at (702) 527-2625.