Las Vegas Community Property Lawyer

Nevada is a community property state. This means that any property or debt you acquire during marriage is property or debt of both spouses. This is true regardless of whether the property or debt is in both of your names or just the name of one person. In some circumstances, it may be possible for a person to have an ownership interest in property that the other spouse had before the marriage. Our State’s community property laws can be highly confusing for many people. The Robinson Law Group has extensive experience in property division matters and is here to help.

Las Vegas divorce attorney handling the division of community property

Attorney Amber Robinson has handled numerous property division matters. These issues arise in contested divorces, uncontested divorces, and cases involving legal separation. Typically, property or debt will only be considered community if it is acquired during the marriage. These community property laws apply even if the parties are no longer living together but are still legally married. These laws include important exceptions such as:

  • If a spouse brings separate property into a marriage, and it appreciates in value, then a portion of the increased value may belong to both parties
  • If a spouse owns a home when the parties are married, and it appreciates or depreciates, then the appreciation or depreciation may belong to the community
  • Gifts received by a spouse typically are not community property but they can become community property if they are mixed with community assets

It is important that you have an attorney who understands the many exceptions to our community laws.

A Nevada Attorney Who Will Protect Your Community Property Rights

Amber will make sure your rights are fully protected in your community property case. At the beginning of the case she will file an injunction with the Court to ensure that no community assets are hidden or squandered by the other spouse. A Motion may be filed with the Court in which Amber will request a temporary allocation of community assets, such as the marital residence, and an Order that assets only be used for certain purposes while the case is pending. This protects your property from being squandered while your case proceeds.

Amber will quickly work to identify which assets are community and which are separate. In some cases, a spouse may have hidden assets from you. Amber will work to make sure that all assets are recovered and that you receive what is fair. Contact our office online or call today to schedule a consultation with Amber Robinson of the Robinson Law Group.