Las Vegas Lawyer For Changing Child Custody

Parents regularly worry about their children and it is normal to do so. There comes a time, unfortunately, when such worry may be caused by conduct of the other parent. Such a situation may require you to file for a modification of your child custody order so that your little one’s best interest are served. Our Las Vegas lawyer assists with changing child custody. Contact our office today to speak with an attorney.

Las Vegas attorney assisting with modifying child custody when changed circumstances have impacted the child’s best interest

A Nevada parent may not change child custody simply because the want to. Under Ellis v. Carucci one may ask the Clark County Family Court for a modification if circumstances have changed since the last custodial order and if such circumstances make a new arrangement in the child’s best interest. It is important to note that the new facts or circumstances must have arisen since your last order was made. The Court will not consider facts prior to the last order when deciding whether to change custody.

The first step in modifying custody is to file a Motion with the Court for the change. The Judge will set a hearing date. If you are facing an emergency situation, such as drug use or other issues which put the child in danger, then the Court may grant an emergency hearing. At the initial court date the Judge will set a date for an evidentiary hearing (which is similar to a trial), decide whether custody should be temporarily changed until the trial, and put any other necessary orders in place. It will then be necessary for you to begin accumulating evidence which supports the modification and to prepare for trial. Having a lawyer to assist you with this process may be crucial.

Amber Robinson is a Las Vegas attorney who assists with child custody modification cases. Once retained Amber will immediately begin work on your Motion for a modification. If necessary she will request “shortened time” from the Court so that you may obtain an expedited hearing. Our lawyer will then begin the discovery process so that information may be obtained from other side. If necessary she will ask that drug tests be required or that a temporary restraining order be put in place. She will aggressively represent you at trial and be available throughout the process to answer your questions. You are facing a serious situation and Amber will take it seriously. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

Affordable child custody lawyers handling Las Vegas modifications for a flat fee

Our office understands that many local residents are struggling financially. Money should not get in the way of protecting your children. We handle many child custody modification matters for an affordable flat fee and accept payment plans under certain circumstances. This will allow you to focus your funds on your kids and not on legal fees. Contact us today.