Paternity Lawyer In Las Vegas

There may be a dispute over whether one is the father of a child. A man may deny he is the father or in some cases the mother may dispute who the child’s father is. In cases like this it is imperative that paternity be established. The Robinson Law Group has handled numerous paternity cases and understands how such cases work in the Las Vegas Family Court. Our paternity lawyer can be of assistance.

Nevada attorney aggressively handling paternity issues

Amber Robinson and the Robinson Law Group have handled numerous paternity cases. Paternity is a crucial issue as many other legal issues cannot be decided if paternity is in dispute. Legal matters which depend on establishing paternity include:

Contact our office if you need to establish paternity. Our Las Vegas paternity lawyer’s first step in such a case is to file a request with the Court for paternity testing. The Court will hear the request shortly after it is filed and will typically order the parents to undergo genetic testing. A second hearing is typically held a few weeks later after the results of the paternity test are known. At the point, Amber will work to establish a child custody and visitation schedule as well as ensuring that child support is set at the correct amount.

Affordable Las Vegas paternity attorney

Amber handles all matters at the Robinson Law Group personally. You will not be passed off to office staff. By handling all cases personally, Amber ensures that all matters in your case are up to speed and you are always aware of the status of your case. Amber makes herself available to her clients and is there when needed.

Amber and the Robinson Law Group are able to handle most Nevada paternity cases for an affordable flat fee. This means that you will have an idea as to what your case will cost and you will not be facing surprise legal fees every month. When you hire Amber you know up front what your case is going to cost. Contact our office online or by telephone to schedule your initial consultation.