Las Vegas Spousal Support Lawyer

You may be worried about whether your divorce will end in a fair way. Nevada’s alimony and spousal support laws are set up to ensure that a party receives the assistance they need while preparing to re-enter the workforce and the law also ensures that a spouse receiving support is making an honest effort in the workplace. If you are going through a Nevada divorce, and are concerned about spousal support, then contact the Robinson Law Group today.

Attorney aggressively handling spousal support during Las Vegas divorces

Attorney Amber Robinson and the Robinson Law Group have handled numerous Nevada cases involving alimony. Nevada, unlike California and other states, does not automatically assume that spousal support will be awarded. In deciding whether or not to award support, the Court will consider things such as:

  • The length of time for which the parties have been married
  • The level of education of the parties
  • The amount of child support being paid
  • Job skills acquired by either of the parties before and during the marriage
  • The assets with which a party will be leaving the marriage

Parties to a Nevada divorce do not have to wait for a case to be completed for spousal support to begin. Nevada Courts have the authority to enter a temporary spousal support award, which is only temporary, until a permanent award is entered at the end of the case.  Amber has successfully requested and defended against both temporary and permanent spousal support awards.

It is important to note that spousal support is not given as a matter of right. The Court will not award spousal support if the facts of the case do not warrant it. If you are concerned over whether you will receive spousal support, or whether you may be required to pay an excessive amount, then contact our office today at (702) 527-2625.

Nevada Alimony Lawyer

Many people do not realize that alimony in Nevada is often modifiable. In other words, the amount of spousal support set by the Court can be changed if the circumstances of your case change. If you are laid off from your job and your income is reduced then you may be entitled to a reduction in the amount of support you are paying. Likewise, if you are receiving support and the paying party has suddenly gained an increase in income then you may be able to return to Court to have your award increased. Las Vegas attorney Amber Robinson and the Robinson Law Group have successfully pursued and defended against alimony and spousal support modifications on behalf of their clients. Contact our office online or by telephone if you require the services of a spousal support modification lawyer.