Las Vegas Child Support Arrears Attorney

To say that time is of the essence in collecting the child support you are entitled to would be an understatement. The longer you wait, the more you potentially lose. The Robinson Law Group can assist clients seeking Nevada child support and child support arrears. You may be stressed about your financial situation. Let us take on that worry. Contact our office by telephone to arrange for a confidential consultation with Las Vegas attorney Amber Robinson.

Nevada Law May Entitle You to Back Child Support

Many clients come to the our office not realizing that they are entitled to back child support. If child support has never been established, you can go back up to four years in your request for support. If support has been established, and the other parent is simply not paying, then the other parent can be held in contempt of court for failing to pay court ordered child support. The Nevada penalties for this contempt can even include jail time.

If you are not receiving your Court ordered child support then contact us immediately. The Clark County Family Court often awards attorney’s fees as part of an effort you may have to make to collect unpaid child support. There is no reason for you to wait to collect child support, whether there is currently a court order or not. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with our Las Vegas child support attorney.

Las Vegas Contempt Proceedings for Child Support Arrears

One may be held in contempt of Court for not paying ordered child support. The penalty for contempt can include fines and even jail time. Amber Robinson has successfully handled such contempt matters on both sides of the issue. If you wish to file a contempt motion, or are facing contempt, then contact us immediately as contempt is a serious matter in which one should not be representing themselves.

Unfortunately many Las Vegas residents who owe child support arrears simply ignore the problem. This is a mistake and can result in a wage garnishment when you least expect it. Our office can assist you in setting up a plan to pay your child support arrears in a way that will not break the bank. Also, you may be eligible for a modification of your child support.

Securing child support arrears and enforcement is a complex aspect of the law. For you, it is an emotional time. While you deal with the personal issues, we will aggressively pursue the back child support you deserve.

If you are going through a difficult matter involving child support arrears, you need a Las Vegas family law attorney who will fight for you and get the results that you deserve. Contact our office by phone or online for a confidential consultation.