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When A Las Vegas Parent Will Be Considered “Underemployed” For Child Support Purposes

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Calculator and moneyThis is the next post in my series on dealing with “underemployment” in Las Vegas, Nevada child support cases. My last article provided an overview of topics which this series will be addressing and stressed the need to speak with an attorney if you feel you are not receiving a fair amount. It is important to speak with a lawyer sooner, rather than later, as the longer you wait means the more you may miss out on potential payments. In this article I will discuss another important topic – when the Clark County Family Court will consider a parent to be underemployed. If you need assistance then contact my office today to schedule an initial consultation. (more…)

Proving Underemployment In Las Vegas, Nevada Child Support Cases

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Child with money in jarThis is the first post in a series which will deal with underemployment in Las Vegas, Nevada child support cases. I have previously discussed how to go about dealing with situations involving unpaid child support. Such cases often involve a parent who is unemployed or “underemployed.” In such situations the Court will require a parent to pay a child support amount that would be required if the parent were working full time. The purpose of this series will be to discuss how to go about proving that the parent is, in fact, underemployed. If you are involved in a child support dispute then contact my office today to speak with an attorney. (more…)

Child Custody Matters Which Las Vegas Family Courts Will Not Rule On – Series Recap

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Judge pounding gavelThis is the final post in my series on issues which the Clark County Family court will and will not rule on after basic custodial issues have been established. I began this series because after a couple splits up it is not unusual for the two parents to have strong and differing opinions on certain child-related issues. These topics often inspire passionate standpoints that can be difficult to resolve; thus parents often come to a standstill and wish for a Judge to make a final ruling on such issues. I wanted to take the opportunity with this blog to explain why the Court will often decline to rule on topics that parents may view as of dire importance. Furthermore, I wanted to give parents guidance on how they may continue to navigate these co-parenting pitfalls. (more…)