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Child relocation is one of the most sensitive areas of Nevada family law. A parent wishing to relocate their child out of state must have consent from the court to do so. If a parent moves the child out of state without consent of the court then they may be guilty of child abduction. The Robinson law group has represented many Las Vegas clients in child relocation cases. Contact our office today.

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Relocating a child out of state is a complex area of law and often one of the most emotional for parents. For a child, relocation means having to change schools, having to make new friends, and trying to fit into a new environment. If you are involved in a child relocation case then you require the assistance of an attorney. How the Court considers your case will depend on your current child custody arrangement. Different legal standards are applied in cases where the parties have joint physical custody of the child than in cases where one parent has primary physical custody. Generally it is more difficult for a parent to move if the parents share joint custody before the move.

If your current child custody arrangement is for joint custody then the Court will view your case under what is known as the Potter standard. If your current arrangement is for one parent to have primary custody then your case will be viewed under the Schwartz standard. Understanding these different legal tests is key in any child relocation case. Las Vegas family law attorney Amber Robinson has assisted numerous clients wishing to move as well as those wishing for their child to remain in the State. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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Child relocation cases happen in several steps. The first is for a parent to request permission from the Court to move. A hearing will be held shortly after the request is made. At the hearing, the Court will decide if a temporary relocation of the child should be allowed and schedule a trial to determine if a permanent move should be permitted. It is not uncommon for one parent to appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court after the case is over as the issue of a child moving is so personal to both parents.

It is critical that your relocation case be handled correctly. Regardless of whether you wish to move or to keep your child from leaving the state, building a strong case from the beginning is crucial if you hope to be successful. Attorney Amber Robinson handles all cases in her office personally. When you retain Amber you will not have to worry that your case is being handled by an Associate or a paralegal, you can be sure your attorney is keeping you up to date and the case up to speed. Contact our office online or by telephone at (702) 527-2625.