Nevada Family Law Appeals

Courts sometimes make mistakes. This is why it is possible to appeal your family law case to the Nevada Supreme Court. If your case has recently ended, and you believe you wish to appeal, then you must contact an attorney immediately as appeals are very time sensitive. Amber Robinson and the Robinson Law Group are available to assist you in all the various types of family law appeals.

Las Vegas Family Law Appeal Lawyer

An appeal may be filed when your case has concluded and you believe the District Court made a mistake. An appeal is not a new trial before the Supreme Court. It is your chance to argue that the District made an error in applying the law to your case. Nevada family law cases which may be appealed involve:

If you wish to appeal one of these issues then you must do so in as little as thirty days after the Court enters its final Order in the case. If you miss this deadline then, generally, you will not be able to file an appeal. Contact Las Vegas appeal lawyer Amber Robinson today.

Affordable Nevada Family Law Appeals

Appeals are typically very expensive. Our Nevada family law appeals lawyer is able to handle most appellate matters for a flat fee. This means that instead of paying an attorney an expensive retainer, only to receive further legal bills, you will know what your appeal is going to cost. Contact our office online or at (702) 527-2625 to begin the appellate process.