Las Vegas TPO Lawyer

The Robinson Law Group has handled many matters involving temporary protective orders (commonly referred to as a “TPO”). The Court takes such matters very seriously as they involve both a person’s safety and another person’s individual liberty. Whether you are seeking to gain a TPO, or to defend yourself against one, these are not matters in which you should be representing yourself.

Las Vegas attorney aggressively handling temporary protective orders

Temporary protective orders are a multiple step process. First a person must apply for protection. The Court will review the application and, if the Judge thinks there is a threat of bodily harm, issue a 30 day protective order. The Court will quickly hold a hearing, usually within one to two weeks of issuing the 30 day order, and at that hearing will make a decision as to the order. The Court, at this hearing, can rescind the order, keep it in place and let it expire after the 30 days, or extend it for up to one year. Presenting your case to the Judge in an appropriate manner will determine whether a TPO is granted or denied. If you are either requesting or disputing a TPO then call Las Vegas attorney Amber Robinson today.

TPO hearings often take place in sensitive matters involving divorce, child custody, disputes regarding paternity, or child relocation. Sometimes one party in such a case becomes angry at the other side and begins a pattern of harassment or violence which requires a TPO. Unfortunately, there are also cases involving children where one party will fraudulently file for a protective order in an effort to build a child custody case. A protective order will have a grave impact on your other legal matters. Do not attempt to represent yourself in such a situation.

Affordable Nevada TPO Lawyer

Temporary protective orders are a very sensitive area of law. If you are involved in a TPO case, on either side, then you already have enough to worry about. You should not have the additional concern of how much your attorney is going to cost.

Amber Robinson is a Las Vegas family law attorney who is able to handle most TPO cases for a flat fee. Rather than paying an attorney by the hour, just to be charged each time you speak with your lawyer on the telephone, Amber’s fee structure allows you the peace of mind of knowing what your case will cost. Contact our office today at (702) 527-2625 to schedule your consultation.