Las Vegas Name Change Lawyer

There are many reasons why one may want their name changed. You may have gone by something other than your given name since you were a child. One may not have changed their name after a divorce but wishes to do so now.

It is not uncommon for a person to divorce but retain her married name. Later, this person may wish to return to her maiden name but cannot do so without an Order from the Court. If you are in this situation then contact the Robinson Law Group today at (702) 527-2625.

The process of a name change is straight forward. Once the initial paperwork is filed with the Court there is a series of steps which our office will complete for you. Once these steps are completed (typically within about four weeks) there will be what is known as a “prove up” hearing. This hearing is largely a formality and your name change will be completed at the hearing.

Our office is able to handle most name changes for a one-time flat fee.