Issues To Deal With After A Las Vegas Divorce – Series Recap

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Decree of divorceThis post recaps my series on issues which one must deal with following a Las Vegas divorce. I decided to write on this topic due to the fact not conducting one’s self properly can result in their quickly going back to Court after a marriage has ended. The goal of my last several posts has been to provide information which will help people to better understand their situation and to allow them to make an informed decision when selecting a family law attorney.

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Dating After A Las Vegas Divorce

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couple on dateThis is the next post in my series on steps to take after a Las Vegas divorce. My last article focused on vendors you need to contact upon the end of a marriage. It is important that you get utilities into your name and that you contact entities such as Social Security immediately. Doing so will prevent you from having “loose ends” which could create problems later. In this article I will discuss something that is often a touchy subject for divorcees with children – entering the dating pool. Taking an inappropriate approach to dating may result in your going back to Court for additional child custody proceedings.

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Who Needs To Be Contacted Following the Finalization of a Las Vegas Divorce?

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Woman sorting through paperworkThis is the next post in my series helping single parents in Las Vegas get organized and recognize issues that need to be addressed following the conclusion of their divorce. My last article provided a number of tips and advice for newly single parents who are learning to adjust to living on a reduced income. In this pos, I will explain what vendors need to be contacted following the finalization of a Divorce Decree.

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Financial Adjustments Every Newly Single Las Vegas Parent Must Make

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Calculator and moneyThis is the next post in my series discussing issues which newly single Las Vegas parents must make following a divorce. My last post explained how parents can help children prepare for the first holiday season in which the parents are not celebrating together. In this post I will discuss financial adjustments many parents do not prepare for before the divorce is settled. I am writing this article because, in many cases, the parent who ends up with primary custody of the children is not always the parent who managed the family finances. When a newly single parent is in charge of financial planning for the first time it can often be a rude awakening as to what they can and cannot afford.

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How to Prepare for the First Holiday Season as Separate Families

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Kids at ChristmasThis is the next post in my series discussing post divorce issues that newly single Las Vegans often have to deal with within the first year following a marital dissolution. My last post provided an overview of topics that I will be discussing in the following articles. In this post I will explain how a parent can prepare their children for the first holiday season they will experience with separated parents.

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Preparing for Post Divorce Life in Las Vegas

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Unhappy coupleThis is the first post in a series I will be writing in which I will discuss issues that newly divorced Las Vegas parents have to deal with following the conclusion of a marital dissolution. I am writing this series because I often observe that many clients neglect to identify areas of their life that need attention or that will change post divorce. These issues can impact the wellbeing of the children and, if not handled appropriately, can result in the parties having to go back to the Clark County Family Court. It is my hope that, with this series, newly single individuals can be better prepared for their new future and can start their new life in an organized way that sets them up for success.

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