Las Vegas Child Custody Lawyer

Nothing is more important than your children. If you are going through a child custody dispute then you are concerned for their well-being. You need to be sure about their living arrangement, what school they are going to attend, making sure they continue to be covered by health insurance, and whether you will be receiving or paying child support. The Robinson Law Group is a Las Vegas law firm practicing exclusively in the area of family law. Attorney Amber Robinson has handled numerous child custody matters and effectively represents her clients for a reasonable price.

Las Vegas Child Custody Attorney

Our office has extensive experience in handling child custody matters. If you are going through a Nevada divorce, or if you were never married to the parent of your child, our firm is able to help. Las Vegas child custody lawyer Amber Robinson understands our State’s process for these types of cases and can navigate you through these tough times.

Amber will make your case a straight forward process so you can worry about the most important thing – taking care of your children. First, it may be necessary to establish paternity as the Court cannot enter a custody and visitation schedule if parentage is in dispute. Early in the process Amber will obtain an interim custody order from the Court. This will give you a temporary arrangement so that your life has a sense of certainty while you are awaiting trial. Amber will then guide your case through the discovery process so you have a strong case at trial.

Under the Rivero v. Rivero decision, a parent in Nevada is considered to have joint custody if they have their child at least 40 percent of the time. In determining whether a parent should have joint or primary custody, the Court will consider factors such as:

  • The nature of the relationship between the child and each parent
  • The level of conflict between the parents and who is responsible for that conflict
  • Whether a parent will continue to foster a relationship between the child and the other parent
  • The ability of a parent to meet the needs of the child
  • Whether one parent has ever engaged in domestic violence against the other

It is important that you hire an attorney who has the experience and knowledge necessary to present your case to the Court properly. Contact our office today at (702) 527-2625 to schedule a consultation with Attorney Amber Robinson of the Robinson Law Group.

Affordable Child Custody Attorney in Las Vegas

Raising a child is expensive. The last thing a parent needs is to spend money they don’t have on legal fees. Amber is able to handle most child custody matters for a flat fee. Rather than paying a large retainer, just to receive another large legal bill at the end of the month, Amber will provide you with a predictable fee structure so you can focus your funds on raising your children rather than on paying attorneys. Contact our office online today or by telephone.