Nevada Prenuptial Agreements

People who are about to wed may not wish to consider the possibility of divorce. There are several benefits, however, of a prenuptial agreement. Such agreements can help parties to protect their assets in the event of income tax problems, litigation, or other issues which may put your assets in jeopardy. Many spouses have also stated that having a prenuptial agreement made them feel more secure in their marriage and that having such an agreement was a good thing for their union.

Las Vegas Prenuptial Agreement Attorney

The Robinson Law Group will discuss all possibilities of a prenuptial agreement with you. An agreement can cover all aspects of your finances or, if you prefer, it can be limited to select portions. Our Las Vegas prenuptial attorney will go over all of your options with you to ensure that you come to an agreement with which both sides can be happy and have a stronger marriage. Contact our office online or at (702) 527-2625 today to schedule your consultation.

Nevada Pre-Marital Agreements For a Flat Fee

You are preparing to marry. Weddings are expensive and your future life together is also going to require money. Our office is able to prepare most Nevada pre-marital agreements for a flat fee. This allows you to know exactly what your agreement will cost so that, rather than paying an attorney, you can use your funds to pay for your wedding and your future family. Contact our office today.