Nothing raises the emotions more than the wellbeing of one’s child. We worry about our children constantly and want nothing but the best for them. A family law case involving children will raise the emotions more than any other. Attorney Amber Robinson and the Robinson Law Group is a Las Vegas, Nevada legal firm practicing exclusively in the area of family law. If you are involved in a case involving your child then contact us today.

Las Vegas child custody and visitation attorneys

Our firm handles a variety of matters involving child custody. The types of cases with which we can assist you include:

Las Vegas child custody lawyer Amber Robinson handles all matters in the office personally. When you hire the Robinson Law Group you will be dealing directly with your attorney and not with a staff member or paralegal. Your children are far too important to be dealing with anyone other than your lawyer and our firm understands that. Contact us today at (702) 527-2625 if you require the assistance of a Las Vegas child custody and visitation attorney.

Affordable Las Vegas child custody lawyer

As a parent you already have enough things to worry about. How you are going to pay for your attorney should not be one of them. The Robinson Law Group is able to handle most Las Vegas child custody matters for a flat fee. Rather than having large legal bills each month, and being charged for every time you talk to your lawyer on the phone, the Robinson Law Group ensures that you know exactly how much your case will cost. By having to only pay their attorney a flat fee our clients are able to focus their funds on the most important thing – raising their children. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.