Woman sorting through paperworkThis is the next post in my series helping single parents in Las Vegas get organized and recognize issues that need to be addressed following the conclusion of their divorce. My last article provided a number of tips and advice for newly single parents who are learning to adjust to living on a reduced income. In this pos, I will explain what vendors need to be contacted following the finalization of a Divorce Decree.

Once a divorce is finalized there are often a number of mundane tasks a person must accomplish to truly ensure that their ex is out of their legal life. For a woman that often means changing their last name back to their maiden name. This can easily be done through the Family Court by including the change in your Decree of Divorce.

The second thing that must be done is to contact any and all insurance carriers and update your information. This includes homeowners insurance, life insurance, health insurance, etc. Remove your ex-spouse from any relevant policies so that they may no longer make a claim on the insurance or call the company and get information about the policy. If you were awarded any property in the divorce, that you and your ex owned jointly, then contact the title company to ensure that the title is changed to your name only. This includes if you were awarded ownership of a home, car, boat, RV, etc. At the same time one may wish to update any ‘in case of emergency’ numbers they have for themselves. Contact your HR representative at work and update your information if you do not wish your ex to be contacted in the event of a medical emergency.

Finally, it is important to update your will. If you had a living will that designated your ex-spouse to make medical decisions for you then it is important to update this information. It is also important to update who you wish to leave your estate to. If you were awarded sole physical custody then it is important to consider who you would wish to be your children’s guardians in the event something happened to you. If you and your ex have joint physical custody of the children then decide together if you wish to keep the current designated guardian in the event something happened to both of you. If you have joint custody then it is also a good idea to contact your children’s school and provide them with each parent’s address, email, and phone number for emergencies.

If you have questions about the process then contact my office today to speak with a Las Vegas divorce lawyer.