This is my third post in my “Understanding Divorce” series.  I’ve previously discussed how to plan for your first meeting with a Nevada divorce attorney. Today I will address importance of a motion for temporary orders.

A motion for temporary orders enables a party to move on with their life with some semblance of normalcy while they are going through the process of a divorce.   This motion allows the court to rule on temporary situations such as:  Who is going to live in the house during the interim of the divorce.  Any sort of custody arrangements, child support arrangements and visitation. This is the process by which a Court makes temporary arrangements during a Nevada divorce.

Why is a Motion for Temporary Orders necessary in a Nevada Divorce?

The process of divorce can be a long and drawn out process, especially if there are children involved.  A trial may not be for six months or longer.  During this time it is necessary to make some sort of a plan for who has the children, when they have the children, who is going to be financially responsible for what, and any sort of visitation regarding the children.  It is also important to establish who will be residing in the family home.

What should I do while waiting for Temporary Orders to be issued in my Nevada divorce?

It is essential to be aware of your behavior and your surroundings at all times during the process of divorce, especially while you are waiting for the court to hear your motion for temporary orders.  Always remember that you hired an attorney for a reason.  Your attorney does not have an emotional stake in your divorce.  They can remain objective and handle all situations that arise rationally.  If you must speak to the opposition for any reason, keep the conversation civil and to the point.  Be aware that anything you say or do can be twisted around and used against you.  No matter how unreasonable you feel the other party is being, you must remain calm and reasonable with them.

I am aware that the dissolution of a marriage can bring about any number of hurt feelings. The Court, however, is interested in the best interest of your children.  The court’s considerations are concentrated on who exhibits a loving, calm, drama free environment for the children to reside in during the interim of waiting for the trial.  An attorney can help facilitate that behavior and intervene on your behalf in order to prevent any conflict between you and the other party.  If you need assistance with your contested divorce, please contact me to schedule an appointment today.