Holidays are to be a time of happiness amongst families. Unfortunately, parents dealing with a child custody dispute often have disagreements over how to proceed with holiday visitation. If there is a disagreement between yourself and the other parent as to how to handle the holidays then do not take the matter into your own hands. The first step is to understand your rights in such a situation and the second step, if necessary, should be to contact an attorney immediately.

Understanding Nevada child custody law is important to ensuring holiday visitation

Visitation will be determined by your most recent court order. The Court’s most recent order should spell out how visitation is to proceed during the holiday season. If your order does not discuss a specific holiday then you will be following your normal visitation schedule for any given week. Often parents do not wish to follow the Court’s orders during holiday time or they wish to use the holidays for some type of leverage over the other parent. The law in Nevada does not allow this and you have remedies at your disposal.

If your ex is refuses to follow the Court’s order then he or she may be held in Contempt of Court for doing so. This contempt can lead to your ex having to pay your attorney fees and, in extreme situations, possible jail time.

Contact a Las Vegas, Nevada attorney today if you are having issues with holiday child visitation

Quite often an attorney can deal with holiday disputes before they become an issue. Parents who insist that they will not be following the Court’s orders have a way changing course once you involve a lawyer. Las Vegas child custody attorney Amber Robinson has dealt with numerous disputes during holiday times and is familiar with such situations. Contact our office today at (702) 527-2625 to speak with Amber.