MediatorThis is my third post in my “Making Your Las Vegas Divorce Affordable” series. My last post discussed how filing for an uncontested divorce can save a great deal of money. This post will explain how the mediation process may be able to help couples reach a divorce settlement, even if they have not previously been able to agree on all divorce terms. The process of mediation can help couples save a great deal of money by avoiding a long and contentious divorce trial.

How mediation can save you a substantial amount of money as opposed to a contested Nevada divorce

First, let’s take a moment to discuss what a mediator is. He or she is an impartial party who helps both spouses in a divorce agree upon any or all aspects of their case. Divorce is an emotional roller coaster and it is easy to react emotionally rather than rationally. A mediator can help both parties come to decisions in a calm and rational manner. Going to trial is a costly affair.

Once the complaint and answer is filed, there is the back and forth of motions, orders for custody take place, not to mention the discovery process. Not only is the trial process costly, it is also extremely time consuming. Mediation on the other hand, enables you to hire one attorney rather than two. You avoid the added expense of a trial, not to mention the emotional turmoil inflicted upon you and your family.

Understanding the types of mediation in Las Vegas, Nevada divorce cases

Mediation comes in several forms. Many cases include court-ordered child custody mediation, where the Court mandates that you attend the Family Mediation Center. This will only deal with child custody and is of little cost to you or your spouse. Your attorneys will not be allowed to attend mediation with you and it is advised that you meet with your attorney before attending.

Then there is mediation through a private mediator.  This is typically agreed to between both parties. Each side can attend with their attorneys present and a settlement can often be hammered out within a few hours. In a situation such as this, the only cost incurred is that each party must pay their attorney for preparing for and attending the mediation. Generally, both parties split the cost of the mediation fees. I do not personally work as a mediator but am happy to represent you at a private mediation.

Choosing mediation is a way to keep the cost down. It is a much quicker and less contentious option. Mediation can help reduce the stress of going to trial or at least help both parties agree to some matters regarding their divorce. If mediation is a possibility for you, call my office for a consultation today.