Divorce decree with rings and gavelThis is the first post in a series meant to provide Las Vegas residents with information to consider prior to filing for divorce in Nevada. I am beginning this series because divorce is a huge step that should not be taken without a great deal of thought. When problems occur in a marriage then it is easy for one to jump to filing for divorce in the heat of the moment. When one’s feelings are hurt, or one is sad and angry, that person may not consider what life will be like once they are single. In Las Vegas a couple can often finalize a divorce proceeding in less than a month; this is an extremely short waiting period compared to other states. Because one can obtain a divorce in such a short period of time the couple often does so without fully considering all of the changes that will come with the separation.

In the course of this series I will be discussing a number of issues a spouse should consider prior to filing for divorce. My posts will include detailed discussions on such topics including:

  • Questions to ask yourself about your marriage prior to filing
  • What one should know about their finances prior to filing for divorce
  • What custody issues should be considered if the couple has children
  • Why entering counseling prior to or during the divorce process is a good idea
  • Why planning for the future as a single person before divorce is a must

Throughout the course of this series it is my hope that Nevada residents are better prepared for what the divorce process will entail. While only the members of a marriage can know if divorce is right for them many people are unprepared for how difficult the process is- even if separating truly is the right decision. If you are thinking of filing for divorce then it is important to discuss why you are filing with your attorney. For a consultation contact our Las Vegas divorce lawyer today.