father and daughterThis is the first post in a new series explaining the purpose behind Court ordered supervised child visitation in Las Vegas, Nevada. Most parents are not happy when they are not trusted to visit with their children unattended and may feel very resentful towards the Court over the order. In this series, we will attempt to answer common questions that parents frequently have, after being ordered to supervised visitation.

Over the next several posts we will attempt to in-depth answer a number of common scenarios and questions. During this series we will address:

  • What to expect at your first visitation
  • The difference between a supervised visit and a supervised exchange
  • Rules that parents must follow during their visitation time
  • What a parent can do to win unsupervised visitation and more permanent custody in the future

Supervised visitation applies to a number of parents in a number of situations. Some parents may be granted supervised visitation after Clark County Child Protective Services have removed their children following reports of abuse or neglect. Other parents may be ordered to supervised visitation during the course of a divorce and child custody battle. Common reasons a parent may be given supervised visitation, instead of regular visitation or joint custody, may include a parent’s alcohol abuse, history of domestic violence, history of sexual abuse against the child, or a history of neglectful behavior. Supervised visitation may also be ordered if there are legitimate concerns that a parent may attempt to kidnap a child in the midst of a highly contentious divorce. Other times a parent may not reside in an environment that is appropriate for children, and a Las Vegas Family Court Judge may order supervised visitation to ensure a safe and controlled environment.

Most parents are unhappy that they must visit their children under the watchful eye of a stranger. However, the best course of action is generally to address the Court’s concerns and focus on how to best win a more favorable visitation plan moving forward. If you have been ordered to have supervised visitation with your children, it is good to have a plan moving forward. Contact our family law office today and learn how we may be able to help.