This is my last post in my “Understanding Nevada Relocation” series. This series has provided a comprehensive guide for parents in Nevada who wish to move outside of the state, but currently share custody with another party. It can be very difficult to earn permission from the Court to move with your child, and it is very important to follow all procedures, as well as to thoughtfully plan for your move. This post serves as a wrap-up to my previous discussions and expands on a few of the points that were made. We will summarize a few of the most important points we have discussed throughout this series. During our series we covered a number of topics, including:

Throughout this series, we have emphasized that the Court is most concerned with what is in your child’s best interest. The most important thing to understand in a relocation case, is that the parent’s best interest may differ from the child’s best interest; the parent filing for relocation has the burden of proving that their best interests are the same as their child’s. The tips in this series have given you an outline for how to accomplish this goal. We have discussed the importance of carefully planning the details of your move- including where you will work, where your child will be educated, and how the new environment will benefit your child. We have also discussed how a mediator may be able to help both parties look past emotion and come up with a reasonable solution. In our final post, we discussed why it is in both parties best interest to follow the final custody order of the Court, in order to successfully move on with life and avoid future legal problems.

Uprooting your life and your family can be a stressful time. Dealing with securing new employment, a new resident and schools for your children, leaves little time to manage legal issues. Obtaining the services of a good family law attorney can simplify your relocation needs. Let the attorney handle all your legal needs so you can be free to take care of everything else. I am well versed in relocation cases and will be happy to assist you in this matter. Feel free to contact my office today.