This is the next post in my Understanding Child Relocation series. My previous discussion involved the steps to take before meeting with a Nevada child relocation attorney. This article will focus on the process of requesting permission from the court to relocate your children and the possible outcomes.

Nevada’s process for requesting permission from the Court to Relocate Your Children

There are initial steps that will occur in any Nevada child relocation matter. These include:

  • A motion (which is how something is requested from the Court) for relocation is filed. The opposing party has 10 court days to respond to the motion.
  • The party that filed the original motion has 5 days to reply to the opposition.
  • A hearing will be scheduled wherein both parties must attend.

At the hearing the Court will likely do one of three things. These include:

  • Allowing the party requesting relocation to move with the child on a temporary basis with a permanent decision being made at a future trial.
  • Deny permission to move immediately while setting a future trial date to determine if relocation should be granted on a permanent basis.
  • Deny the request completely.

How your case proceeds going forward will vary depending on which of these outcomes the Court chooses.

Contact an attorney immediately if you wish to relocate your child outside of Nevada

If you wish to relocate your child outside of Nevada then it is important that you contact an attorney immediately. Relocation is a complicated area of law and whether or not your case is handled properly will be crucial to the Court’s decision.

In my next article I will discuss how your case will proceed after the initial hearing. Contact a Las Vegas family law attorney online or by telephone to schedule an initial consultation.