This will be the first post in my “Understanding Child Relocation” series. I have previously discussed the importance of taking immediate legal action if you wish to return a child who has been moved out of state. I have decided to write a comprehensive series on Nevada relocation laws in order to address various issues that are important for anyone who is thinking of relocating their child outside of the state to know.

Understanding Nevada’s child relocation laws will help you prepare your case and increase the chances of having your request granted

Las Vegas is a transient town, and many of the residents of our city have family members spread out across the United States. Following a divorce or separation from a child’s biological parent, it is not uncommon for one of the parents to consider moving, either to be closer to family or for economic opportunities. As a Nevada child relocation lawyer, I have witnessed many clients surprise and frustration to realize that moving outside of Nevada with their child is not always as easy as lining up a job or a new home, and then making arrangements. In Nevada if a custody order exists then you must ask the Court permission prior to moving outside of the state. Whether you have primary or joint custody of your child, the noncustodial parent may be able to prevent you from relocating if the move will damage their ability to maintain a relationship with the child. Too many times I have witnessed clients wait until the last minute to request for a location change, believing that the request is a mere formality, and then become upset when their relocation plans must be put on hold until the Court can make a decision on the matter. Other times I have encountered parents who have moved without permission, and then faced serious child abduction accusations. The decision to relocate is often necessary for many parents, but there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. By going through the appropriate channels and planning in advance, parents can increase their chances of being allowed to move with their child.

A comprehensive overview of Nevada child relocation

In my next several posts, I will be writing about how a person should prepare if they are planning to relocate their child outside of Nevada. I will be addressing how to decide if a relocation is in the best interest of your child, the arrangements you should make prior to going to Court, what the Court process will look like, how relocation may affect your custody arrangements, and financial burdens you may incur because of your relocation. I will finish my series with a discussion on maintaining Court orders after the relocation has been completed.

For many people, staying in Las Vegas once they are a single parent is not a feasible option. Relocating a child outside of the state is a serious matter, but if you approach your request in a responsible way, the Court will seriously consider your request. If you need assistance in such a matter than contact a Las Vegas child relocation lawyer today.