This is my next post in my “Making Your Las Vegas Divorce Affordable” series. My last post was a brief overview into the world of affordable divorce options.  In this article I will discuss one of those options in detail, uncontested divorce.

Uncontested Divorce Can Typically be Completed in Las Vegas for a Low-Cost Flat Fee

There are two types of divorce. One is a contested divorce, in which the parties disagree on some issues or altogether. The other is an uncontested divorce where both parties must agree upon absolutely everything. Once you and the other party agree upon the terms, you take those terms to an attorney, he/she prepares the divorce, you both sign it, and it is sent to the judge for his signature and stamp. It is that simple. Generally, the whole process can be completed within a few weeks.

The simpler the case the easier an uncontested divorce can be. If there are not substantial assets or debts and there are no children then it will be a quick and easy divorce. However the more complicated it is the more likely there will be disagreements when it comes to who is responsible for what debt, who gets which assets, and child custody and child visitation issues. Consulting with a Las Vegas lawyer can help Clark County residents determine if the uncontested divorce option is a good process.

Uncontested Divorce Should Be The Preferred Option For Las Vegas Residents Who Are in Agreement on How to End Their Marriage

If you already agree to all of the terms to end your marriage, it is in your best interest both financially and emotionally to file an uncontested divorce and be done with it. The alternative would be for both of the parties to hire their own attorneys to end up reaching a quick agreement and achieving the same result that you would have achieved filing an contested divorce.

If you both hire an attorney, one person will file a complaint the other person will answer. There may be a Stipulation and Order drawn up stating that the parties are in agreement and the terms of said agreement and then one or the other attorney will draw up the decree, you will have to wait for one side to sign it, send it to the other side to sign it and then it will be sent to the judge for signature. As you can see it is simpler and less costly to file an uncontested divorce.

Uncontested divorce is not for everyone. As I explained above complicated cases, especially those involving child custody issues, may force you to file a contested divorce. However, if both parties are able to agree upon all terms, then this is often the most affordable approach for Las Vegas, Nevada residents wishing to divorce.