Affordable DivorceThis is my fourth post in my “Making Your Las Vegas Divorce Affordable” series. My last post discussed the mediation process and why it may be a better option for you. In this post I am going to focus on how unbundled services can make your case less of a burden on your wallet.

Understanding which types of Nevada divorces may be appropriate for unbundled services

First, let’s discuss what unbundled services are. These are for the person who is capable of filing some of the court documents on their own but may need a lawyer to assist with the more complicated documents, attend hearings, and trial if necessary. When you hire an attorney, in an unbundled capacity, then they are only representing you for a very specific portion of the case and not for the case as a whole.

If you and your spouse are not able to work things out yourselves and you need an affordable option to assist you in your Las Vegas divorce case, then this may be a good option for you. Unbundled services are typically performed for a flat rate as they concentrate on only a portion of your divorce. You may choose to hire an attorney to only draft a motion for you. You may hire an attorney to attend a motion hearing for you. You may want to hire a lawyer to attend trial only for you. Alternatively, you may wish to hire an attorney to combine only a few small portions of your case. This form of representation gives you options to pick and choose what areas of the process you would like assistance in.

I discuss the benefits of such services in this video:

Understanding which types of Las Vegas, Nevada divorces are inappropriate for unbundled services

Although unbundled services are a good way to keep costs down, there are other options. If both parties agree to absolutely all terms of the case, a more affordable option is an uncontested Nevada divorce. If both parties do not agree upon all of the terms, but may agree upon some of the terms and need assistance hammering out the rest, then hiring a private divorce mediator may be a better option.

Sometimes a divorce is so complicated and contentious that there is no other option than to retain an attorney to assist you through the entire process. This involves having the attorney file and serve the complaint and summons or answer if the other party files first, any motions and oppositions that need to be filed, attending motion hearings, filing any and all orders, the long and arduous process of discovery and of course the trial.

As you can see, your case can be as simple as agreeing on all of the terms and expediting the process in an affordable manner or as complicated and expensive as fighting over everything and enduring the long process of a trial. If there is no other option than to go to trial, but you are in a poor financial position, then unbundled services can save you substantial money and is definitely worth exploring. If you would like to discuss your unbundled services options or any other options above, please contact my office today for a consultation.