Why Mediation Is an Affordable Option in Your Las Vegas Divorce

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MediatorThis is my third post in my “Making Your Las Vegas Divorce Affordable” series. My last post discussed how filing for an uncontested divorce can save a great deal of money. This post will explain how the mediation process may be able to help couples reach a divorce settlement, even if they have not previously been able to agree on all divorce terms. The process of mediation can help couples save a great deal of money by avoiding a long and contentious divorce trial.

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Attending a Nevada Divorce Trial

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This is my sixth post in my “Understanding Nevada Divorce Series.” My last post discussed Nevada divorce and the discovery process. In this post I am going to focus on attending trial, how to prepare for trial and the possible outcomes.

Preparing for your trial in your Nevada Divorce case

Preparing for a Nevada divorce trial is an involved process. Your attorney will ensure that necessary witnesses are attending trial. Also, pursuant to local Court rules, a “pre-trial conference” will be held with the opposing counsel at which the two attorneys will exchange trial documents. Your counsel will meet with you in the days leading up to trial to discuss various issues and to help you get ready for the process. By the time you attend Court you will be fully aware of what to expect. 

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Planning For Your First Meeting with a Nevada Divorce Attorney

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This is my second post in my “Understanding Divorce” series.  I have previously discussed how understanding Nevada’s divorce process can make your case go more smoothly.  Today I will be discussing the benefits of planning ahead, being organized and prepared before meeting with a Las Vegas divorce attorney.

Having a plan in mind before you see your attorney is always a good idea.  Being organized and prepared prior to your first appointment will ensure a smoother experience and help your attorney to assess an accurate picture of your situation.

Be prepared to discuss any expectations you have about your divorce. Ask yourself: What is it that I would like to take away from my divorce? If there are children involved, think about what kind of custody arrangement will best suit you and your children.  Have an accurate picture of your finances and prepare to provide documentation of your finances when you meet with your attorney for the first time. This will save you time in the long run. You will only be required to provide financial information that is applicable to your situation.

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