How Clark County Family Courts Divide Home Equity In A Divorce When One Spouse Owned The Home Before Marriage

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Small houseThis is my next post on how Nevada divorce laws deal with the division of home equity. My last discussion dealt with what happens to home equity during a divorce when the home was bought during the marriage. In this article I will deal with another common situation, how the Court divides equity in a home when one spouse owned the residence before the marriage.

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How Las Vegas Family Court Judges Proceed When The Equity of a Marital Home Must Be Divided During a Divorce

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House stacked on coinsThis is the next post in my series on How Las Vegas Housing Prices Impact Divorce. My last post went over how Clark County Family Court Judges deal with the issue of an upside down home during a divorce. In this article I will discuss what is currently a common occurrence in Las Vegas – how the equity of a home, purchased during the marriage, will be divided at the end of your case. Given the recent run-up in local housing prices this is an important topic.

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