Child hugging adultThis is the next post in my series discussing the purpose of supervised child visitation in Las Vegas. My last article discussed the difference between a supervised visitation and a monitored exchange. In this discussion I will look at the common rules that all parents must follow during supervised visits with their children.

Las Vegas parents must avoid discussing pending legal issues while visiting with children

One of the quickest ways to infuriate a Clark County Family Court Judge is to discuss inappropriate topics with the children. For many Las Vegas parents this may include discussing grown-up matters even though their children are not developmentally able to understand what is happening or form objective opinions. One of the biggest rules of a supervised visit is that parents may not discuss pending legal issues – whatever those issues may be. Parents often make the mistake of attempting to convince children to ask a child custody evaluator to place the child with the noncustodial parent. Other examples of inappropriate topics include demeaning the custodial parent to the children, “coaching” the child in regard to other behaviors, and giving children suggestions on what to say to investigators or social workers.

Violating any of these rules may result in two things. First, Monitors who are in place during the supervised visits may immediately cut the visitation short and ask the parent to leave. Second, the Monitor may issue a report to the Judge which informs the Court of the parent’s inappropriate behavior. This may result in the parent being summoned back to Court to face sanctions. If visitation privileges are not respected then, in all likelihood, any negative incidents will extend the noncustodial parent’s time until they are allowed to visit with their children unsupervised.

Supervised visitation should be used as a time to bond with one’s children

The purpose of supervised visitation is both to give a parent the opportunity to see their children and to give children the opportunity to see their parent. No matter what legal messiness the parent is experiencing, it is important for them to remember that their children need both parents and deserve the putting forth of effort into visitations. It is highly recommended that the parent plan to do age appropriate activities with their children. These activities may include coloring, games, reading stories, or asking children to bring their favorite toys. It is usually allowed for parents to bring outside food or gifts for children, but it will likely be inspected prior to the visit. It is also recommended that parents talk to older children about what is happening in their lives, such as their grades, after school activities, and friends. Parents should worry less about their own agenda, and take time to think about what their children really need out of their visit.

If you have been ordered to supervised visitations with your children, and have questions or concerns, it is important to speak to an attorney. Contact our Las Vegas family law office today for a consultation.