Spouses sitting with divorce documentsThis is the next post in my series on issues which Las Vegas residents should consider prior to filing for divorce in Nevada. My last post provided an overview of topics I will be discussing in more detail over the next few articles. In this post I will discuss questions that one should ask themselves prior to beginning the divorce process.

Before filing for divorce in Las Vegas a spouse should consider if the marriage can be saved

Divorce is a major life change that a spouse should be one hundred percent sure of prior to taking the steps to file. Many spouses may consider divorce following infidelity, a financial setback, a change to a spouse’s physical or mental health, or when one is having another personal problem. In Nevada one can file for divorce due to “irreconcilable differences” without having to give a specific reason for the break-up. But while the Court will grant a divorce with relative ease, the couple should ensure that their differences are in fact, irreconcilable.

Prior to filing for a divorce, a spouse should truly consider if their marriage can be saved. Questions to ask oneself might include:

  • Am I or my partner willing to go into counseling?
  • Have I discussed with my partner why I am unhappy?
  • Have I done everything possible to work on my relationship and save my marriage?
  • Am I unhappy with my partner or myself?
  • Why do I believe my life will be better without my spouse?
  • What hardships will come with being single and am I prepared for them?

Too often, a spouse files for divorce while in a heightened emotional state. However, divorce is permanent and will cause a significant life change that one must rationally consider prior to setting the wheels in motion. While the above questions are not easy to think about, if a Las Vegas resident is unable to provide answers then they may not be ready to take the divorce step.

Las Vegas spouses in an abusive situation must move quickly to protect themselves and their children

The exception to the above questions are those who are in an abusive or dangerous relationship. If a spouse or their children are in danger then it is important to seek an immediate separation. A family law attorney can take immediate steps to help a spouse find emergency shelter, obtain a restraining order, or even order the abusive spouse to vacate the family home. Please remember that even if a spouse is not ready to formally file for divorce, it is not possible to work on a marriage while living in an abusive situation. If a spouse or a child is being physically, emotionally, or sexaully abused, then protecting the safety of the family is a top priority.

If you are considering a divorce it is important to discuss the situation with your family law attorney. Contact our Las Vegas lawyer today for a consultation.