Parent scolding childThis is the final post in my series discussing the purpose of supervised visitation in Las Vegas child custody cases. I began this series because many parents ordered to supervised visitation are typically angry when the initial order is issued. Supervised visitation feels like the Court is judging their parenting abilities and directly questioning their ability to care for their children. My intention behind beginning this series has been to offer parents some insight into why a Court makes the decisions that it does. It has also been to give parents reassurance that being given supervised visitation is not the end of the world and that they can continue to enjoy a meaningful relationship with their children.

Throughout this series I have attempted to answer the questions that I am frequently asked by parents who are granted supervised visitation. I have discussed issues such as:

Throughout the series I have strived to emphasize that supervised visitations are not ordered as a punishment to the parent but as a way to protect the children. It is the Court’s job to protect children from any situation that may be harmful or dangerous. Unfortunately, this may mean requiring parents to spend time with their children in a controlled environment that can guarantee safety. The state of Nevada strongly believes that children are best served when they are able to have a meaningful relationship with their parents. It is almost always the Clark County Family Court’s goal to help a parent regain joint custody of their child if that is the parent’s wish. Parents should not view supervised visitation as the Court being vindictive but rather as a wake up call to fix any problems that may exist in the parent’s life.

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