Unhappy coupleThis is the first post in a series I will be writing in which I will discuss issues that newly divorced Las Vegas parents have to deal with following the conclusion of a marital dissolution. I am writing this series because I often observe that many clients neglect to identify areas of their life that need attention or that will change post divorce. These issues can impact the wellbeing of the children and, if not handled appropriately, can result in the parties having to go back to the Clark County Family Court. It is my hope that, with this series, newly single individuals can be better prepared for their new future and can start their new life in an organized way that sets them up for success.

During the course of my coming posts I will be discussing several different issues that need to be addressed following a divorce. Issues that I will discuss in detail include:

  • Preparing the children for the first holiday as separate families
  • Steps one should take to adjust to their new single income budget
  • The importance of making a list of vendors and agencies that need to be contacted regarding your new name or single status
  • How to approach dating following a divorce when you have children

The above issues are concerns that I often hear from former spouses who must figure out how to navigate being a newly single parent. When the above issues are not planned for properly then they can unfortunately take on legal implications which may result in having to go back to Court. It is my hope that by pointing out the need to prepare in advance, divorced parties can begin their new life fresh and avoid pitfalls that can result in an argument further down the road.

If you live in Las Vegas and have questions regarding your divorce or a child custody dispute, contact my family law office today to speak with an attorney.