mother holding young childThis article is being written to conclude and recap my series on how to obtain primary custody of your child in Las Vegas, Nevada. I wrote on the topic due to the fact that many parents find that shared custody arrangements are not best for their children. By understanding the factors considered in awarding primary custody, a parent can be better prepared in their legal matter. The goal of my recent articles was to provide information which will help a parent understand how a Nevada court determines that primary custody is in the best interest of a child. It was also my goal to provide information to help a parent when choosing a family law attorney. If you or someone you know needs legal help, contact my office today to speak with a lawyer.

I addressed a number of topics over my recent articles in this series. Issues which I analyzed include:

I chose to address these topics for certain reasons. First, Nevada Family Court presumes that shared custody is in the best interest of the child. To overcome the presumption, a parent must show that primary custody is in the child’s best interest by meeting certain factors. The Court considers several factors including the wishes of the child and the willingness of the parents to cooperate. Second, objective evidence is required to establish a case for primary custody. Parents can gain objective evidence through the discovery process to provide proof or facts for the court’s decision. Third, to change a prior child custody order from joint custody to primary custody, the parent must show that circumstances have changed since the original order. In addition to proving a change of circumstances, the court will still require a showing that primary custody is in the child’s best interest. Finally, if a parent is awarded primary custody, the parent must continue to conduct themselves properly to continue the custody arrangement. This includes following the court order and communicating with the other parent.

If you are in a domestic dispute regarding primary custody of your child, it is important that you contact an attorney to help you as soon as possible. The Clark County Family Court will require you to follow legal processes and case law to be successful. By retaining a lawyer who has extensive experience handling primary custody disputes, you can ensure your rights as a parent are protected. I am a Las Vegas child custody lawyer who devotes her practice to the handling of matters involving child custody law. I understand that any matter dealing with your child is serious and deserves the best possible legal representation. Contact us online or by telephone to schedule an initial consultation.