Unhappy couple facing themselves away from each otherThis is the first post in a series of articles discussing obtaining an uncontested divorce in Las Vegas, Nevada. Getting a divorce can be an emotionally and financially challenging experience. People often hear horror stories about long, drawn-out divorce battles costing thousands of dollars in legal fees. There are times, however, when spouses wish to go their separate ways and do not disagree about property division, child custody, or other commonly contested issues. In such cases, it may be appropriate for the couple to obtain an uncontested divorce. This process can be relatively straightforward, saving time, money, and the headaches associated with litigation. Uncontested divorces may not, however, be right for everyone. My goal in this series is to provide information about obtaining an uncontested divorce and when and for whom this process may be beneficial. If you are contemplating a divorce and need assistance, contact my office today to speak with a lawyer.

This series will address the following subjects:

  • Nevada laws regarding uncontested divorces
  • The process for obtaining an uncontested divorce in Las Vegas
  • The benefits and pitfalls of uncontested divorces
  • Who should consider an uncontested divorce
  • The importance of using an attorney during an uncontested divorce
  • Litigating issues after an uncontested divorce in Nevada
  • The importance of enforcing one’s uncontested divorce decree

It is important to understand these issues for a variety of reasons. First, while an uncontested divorce may seem like an attractive option for many couples, not everyone will be eligible under Nevada law. Second, those who are eligible must understand the legal process involved. Third, while there are numerous benefits to obtaining an uncontested divorce, there may be negative consequences in some cases. Uncontested divorces are not right for every couple. It is important to understand how best to handle your specific situation before initiating legal proceedings. Next, couples considering an uncontested divorce should consult with an attorney to help ensure that the process will best suit their needs and that they are in compliance with all legal requirements. Additionally, issues may arise after an uncontested divorce is finalized that require future litigation to resolve such as disagreements over child custody, alimony, etc. A divorce lawyer can assist you in understanding your rights. Last, many couples make the mistake of failing to enforce the terms of their decree after an uncontested divorce. Doing so can lead to serious consequences in the future.

I have dedicated my practice to family law matters and have extensive experience with uncontested and contested divorces in Las Vegas. My office is ready to assist you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with an attorney.