pen writes mediation on paperThis is the next post in my series explaining what grandparent’s and other third parties need to know about gaining grandchild visitation rights through a family law dispute. My last post explained when Las Vegas grandparents may have a legitimate case in arguing for child visitation. In this article I will explain the benefits of using the mediation process to work out conflicts and avoiding trial at the Court.

Las Vegas grandparents and third-parties will attend mediation, to resolve child visitation, after receiving an Order from the Clark County Family Court Judge

Clark County Family Court Judges require the parties of any child visitation case to attend mediation. This requirement also applies to cases involving the rights of grandparents or other third-persons such as a sibling. Such mediation will typically be held at the Court’s Family Mediation Center. It is also possible for the parties to choose to attend private mediation. If the Family Mediation Center is utilized then the attorneys will not be present (lawyers are not allowed to attend this program). The attorneys will be able to attend a private mediation.

Mediation will be conducted by a neutral third-person. This mediator will listen to both sides present the facts of their case and then will attempt to help the parties reach a workable agreement that is in the best interests of the child. The benefits to mediation is that it is far less costly than a trial, it can help ease family tensions, and the results may be more favorable to a grandparent or third-party than going to trial. The difficulties with mediation is that both parties must approach the process with an open mind. If one party refuses to work with the other then mediation cannot be successful and the third party will have to drop their request or proceed to trial. If you are a Las Vegas grandparent, and wishing to resolve a child visitation dispute quickly, then it is suggested that you contact a family law attorney for advice on the process.

Mediation is a good option for Las Vegas parties wishing to have visitation with a child

Mediation is a good option for third-persons who wish to have visitation with a child for a number of reasons. First, at a trial it is the third party’s burden to prove that they should have visitation with a child. A Judge begins with the presumption that the parent should have the right to block whomever they wish from having contact with their child. It can be very difficult for a grandparent to have to defend their relationship with their grandchild in Court. Second of all, whenever possible, it is best for the parent or parents to be supportive of a child’s relationship with their grandparents. Even if the Court rules in the grandparents’ favor and visitation is granted, if the parent is highly against the relationship problems could surface in the future. Mediation strives to not only find a solution, but seeks to ease family tensions and put the family on a path that is best for the child’s well-being.