Child looking at airplaneThis is the final post in my series discussing child custody issues that are unique to an international divorce. Las Vegas is a city that attracts individuals from all over the world; many of our performers, restauranteurs, hotel employees, and casino workers come to our city because of the unique opportunities the city provides. These individuals often start families and settle down. When divorce occurs, however, it is not unusual for one to wish to move back to their country of origin to be close to family. When children are involved, child custody issues can become complicated quickly. I began this series with the intention of providing couples with the information they need to consider while approaching divorce.

Throughout this series I have discussed a number of specific topics that are often a concern during an international divorce. During my series I have talked about:

International divorce can create a great deal of contention between parents for obvious reasons. Each parent often fears that they will rarely see their children if they do not win the custody battle. While finding a suitable custody arrangement is not always easy, the Court’s intention will always be to ensure that both parents have a significant relationship with their children.

If you are going through a divorce in Las Vegas, and one spouse wishes to relocate outside of the country, it is important to hire an attorney who understands child custody and international relocation laws. Contact our office today to schedule a time to speak to a lawyer.