This is the first post in my new series on “Making Your Las Vegas Divorce Affordable.” Unfortunately, there comes a time in our lives when divorce becomes necessary. It can become a costly and emotionally draining process. It does not have to be that way if you choose to settle things amicably. This series will explore a few of the ways in which an amicable divorce will save you money.

There Are Several Alternatives for Las Vegas Residents Who Need an Affordable Divorce

Three alternatives for an affordable Las Vegas, Nevada divorce are:

Taking advantage of these alternatives will not only help your finances, but may also relieve a lot of emotional turmoil and stress.

There are positives and negatives to each of these solutions. An uncontested divorce is the easiest and best way to reduce your costs. Unfortunately, this is not an option when two parties cannot come to terms. In such a situation it may be better to go with mediation. A mediator may be able to help iron out any disagreements between both parties; however, if both parties are extremely adversarial then it is probably best to go with unbundled services. Unbundled services are when a party can’t afford to pay an attorney to help them through the entire process of divorce but might choose to have an attorney perform one part of the case, such as drafting a motion or appearing at a court hearing. This is a viable solution, but not having an attorney there through the whole process can cost you your case. This series will discuss all these options in detail in order for you to decide which may be the best option for you.

Concerns Over Finances Should Not Prevent You From Consulting a Las Vegas Divorce Attorney

Don’t let finances prevent you from consulting with an attorney. At the very least, a consultation makes you aware of your options. An attorney can guide you in the direction that will work for your situation and your pocket book.

Divorce may be much more affordable than you think. If you prevail in your case you may be awarded attorney’s fees and you may be able to receive fee assistance from the other side under the case of Sargeant v. Sargeant. Even if you are not awarded attorney’s fees, you may have a case that wraps up quickly, thus saving you money.

There are many ways to make your divorce more affordable. A Las Vegas divorce lawyer is able to advise southern Nevada residents on the best course of action regarding your personal situation and finances. It is always a good idea to at least consult with an attorney to help you find a plan that suits you.