Decree of divorceThis is the first post in a new series I am writing that will discuss times in which Las Vegas residents may choose to settle their divorce against their lawyer’s advice. Doing so can negatively impact one’s future in the long run. I am beginning this series because as a divorce lawyer I can attest that people sometimes make decisions counter to their attorney’s advice which ultimately are not in their best interest later down the road. Clients often wish to settle with their former partner rather than enduring a messy divorce trial. The personal reasons for choosing not to take the legal advice one has sought vary, but throughout the course of this series, I will discuss the most common reasons that I have witnessed.

Over my coming posts I will discuss the following issues in greater detail:

  • Guilt over ending the marriage when the other spouse did not want a divorce
  • Feeling “at fault” for the demise of the marriage due to infidelity
  • Feeling emotionally drained and not able to handle the stress of a full trial
  • Concerns over being able to afford a divorce attorney

The above reasons are the four most common justifications why a client may choose to settle with their partner, even when the terms offered are less than what the client may be entitled to under the law. I commonly see clients give up their rights to pensions, property, and spousal support due to emotional reasons. While these emotions often feel like an important enough reason to give up financial rights during a divorce, clients are often not prepared for how difficult it is to support oneself as a single person on one income. Clients are often short sighted when they make statements such as “ I can make it on my own” and “ I don’t need their money,” and end up struggling financially when it was not necessary.

As a Las Vegas divorce attorney it is my job to ensure that my clients are awarded whatever financial benefits they are entitled to under the law. As a neutral party an attorney’s focus is often on securing a comfortable financial future for the client while the client may have difficulty looking past current feelings of guilt, sadness, exhaustion, or anger. I sincerely hope that before signing off on an uncontested divorce, or choosing to settle with an ex-spouse when the terms are bad, that persons currently going through a divorce will read this series and consider how their long-term future may be harmed.

If you are currently going through a Las Vegas divorce, do not sign off on paperwork without consulting a family law attorney. Contact our office today.