Closeup of hundred dollar bills with Child Support noteThis is the final post in my series discussing how and when a parent may go through the process of asking the Court to modify an existing child support payment. I began this series because too often, when a parent experiences a financial downturn, they wait too long to deal with the issue and find themselves in arrears. It is my hope that with this series I could educate parents as to when they may ask the Court to reduce payments, and assure them that their is no shame in doing so following certain unexpected events.

During this series I have attempted to answer questions a parent may have whether they are the payer or the payee. Issues I have discussed include:

It never feels good if a parent must inform their former partner that due to financial reasons they just can’t afford their current child support amount any longer. It is not unusual for a parent to avoid having such a conversation, for fear of looking like a “deadbeat,” or out of embarrassment. I urge parents who are no longer making what they once did to address the situation head on. Back child support can accrue interest and the Court can order additional fines. I urge parents who pay child support to not attempt to pay more than they can afford; the result often ends with your child receiving less than they would otherwise, and with you finding yourself in a legal mess.

If you require a reduction in child support, due to a layoff, demotion, or reduction in business, contact my office today for a consultation.