Woman with financial stressThis is the final post in my series on Understanding Child Support Laws in Las Vegas. Throughout this series, I have addressed topics that are important for both custodial parents who receive child support and noncustodial parents who are ordered to pay child support. Topics that I have addressed include:

The purpose of this series was to provide parents who share custody of their children with information to questions that frequently come up in family court cases. By having an understanding of how the Court makes decisions and perceives both sides, it is my hope that parents can make informed decisions when meeting with their attorney and deciding how to proceed in various situations.

Child support payments often create contentious situations that could have been avoided with planning and the intervention of an attorney. Las Vegas child support attorneys are able to provide counsel on how to recoup child support that is in arrears, how to adjust child support payments that are not affordable, and can give honest advice on what to expect during a child support battle. If you are having a child support related issue, hiring an attorney can reduce stress and aggravation, while saving money in the long-run. Contact our office today for a consultation.