Judge in chambersThis is the first post in what will be a series discussing what issues the Family Court will and will not hear throughout the course of a child’s life, assuming basic custodial issues have been previously established. I am writing this series because, following a contentious custody battle, it is not unusual for parents to butt heads on a variety of parenting issues throughout a child’s life. When parents cannot agree on big and small parenting issues it can be tempting to run back to Court and ask the Judge to be a tie breaker. But the Court does not wish to make parenting decisions, and may decline to hear certain cases, depending on the circumstances.

Throughout the course of this series I will discuss several common issues that parents often disagree on. I will attempt to explain when a Court might intervene and when a Court might refuse to get involved. In all Family Court cases the decision of a Judge will always be largely dependent on the circumstances of the individual case.

Topics I will be discussing include:

  • Why the family courts will not decide on cases pertaining to the religion on the child
  • If and when the court will make a decision with regards to educational disagreements
  • If the Court will make a decision with regards to disagreements over differing views on medical care
  • How a child’s age factors into parental disagreements and whether one should go to Court
  • Why it is best to work things out as a family whenever possible and tips for how to do that

I have chosen the above topics because they are very real and very important issues that parents disagree on every day. It is unfortunate, but true, that these disagreements often cannot be resolved privately and that Motions are filed with the Court asking for an intervention. I will do my best throughout this series to explain how the Courts will receive such issues and the nuances that might determine whether or not a Judge chooses to hear a certain case.

If you are having a co-parenting disagreement and are unsure if it is wise to use legal intervention then it is best to discuss the pros and cons with your attorney. Our Las Vegas family law attorney offers honest advice that is designed to put the best interest of the child first. Call today to schedule a consultation.