Wallet with help signThis is the first post in a series addressing the topic of what to do if one’s parent stops paying child support or if a parent wants to file for child support for the first time. I am writing this series because I often have clients who are conflicted over whether they want to actively pursue their child’s parent for child support for a number of reasons. In this series I hope to help single parents make a more informed decision on how they wish to navigate the legal system.

Topics that I will discuss over the course of this series include:

  • Are there times when it is in a parent’s best interest not to file for child support?
  • Why working out an informal financial agreement with your child’s parent is a recipe for disaster
  • Can you file for child support if you do not know the location of your child’s biological parent?
  • Does a parent need a lawyer in order to file for child support or force a parent who is behind to pay up?

As an attorney I often meet single parents who have never collected child support from the other parent for a variety of reasons. These reasons range from wanting to feel independent, not wanting the other parent in their child’s life, not believing that the other parent would abide by a Court order should one be granted, and not wanting to go through the trouble of the Court process. If a parent does not want to collect child support for personal reasons, that is their choice. But as a family law attorney, if a single parent is struggling and wants to enforce a child support payment, I would highly encourage that parent to utilize the law that is behind them.

I am a Las Vegas family law attorney who can assist single parents in filing for child support for the first time and helping them collect back child support that is owed to them. If you are a single parent and require more information about the child support process, contact my office today for a consultation.