Woman worrying about moneyThis is the next post in my series discussing circumstances in which a Las Vegas resident should not agree to unfair divorce terms even though they may be tempted to do so. My last article explained how a spouse who is feeling emotionally stressed can keep perspective and avoid agreeing to unfavorable terms in order to wrap-up the divorce. In this post I will explain why a spouse should not accept poor divorce terms simply because they do not believe they have the money to hire an attorney.

The Clark County Family Court will help a less financially secure spouse retain a lawyer

When a couple has a clear breadwinner in the family then it is not unusual for the spouse who is less financially secure feel anxiety during a divorce. The lesser-earning spouse often feels as though they have no choice but to accept the divorce settlement terms that their ex-partner is offering. It is possible that their ex-partner has cut off their credit cards, blocked them from accessing joint accounts, or threatened to leave them financially destitute in the short-term if they do not agree to a settlement. This often leads a spouse who is a homemaker to feel trapped and forced to comply with their partner.

It is important to know that a partner, who makes significantly less money than their spouse, does not need to feel financially bullied during a divorce. Nevada is a community property state. This means that the Court views marital resources as available to both partners. If your partner has threatened you financially then that is more of a reason to seek the counsel of an attorney. A Las Vegas divorce lawyer can ask the Clark County Family Court to order your partner to provide you with temporary spousal support that will allow you to live and pay your bills. An attorney can also ask the Court to order that your partner pay attorney fees so that you have access to the same caliber of legal representation as your spouse.

Hiring an attorney to review divorce documents can save southern Nevada residents money in the long-run

Even in the event that a southern Nevada couple is in need of a “cheap” divorce due to financial concerns then hiring an attorney to review uncontested divorce documents can often save money in the long-run. Couples who work out their own divorce terms often fail to address important issues and sometimes come to an agreement which is not realistic. By hiring an attorney to review documents prior to filing them with the Court one can ensure that a child custody agreement is reasonable, protect themselves from being “cheated” out of property or assets that they are entitled to, and generally ensure that they will not need to return to Court later on down the road. By ensuring that your uncontested divorce covers all issues adequately the first time, both partners can save time and money by not having to pay an attorney to fix their mistakes at a later date.

If you are in the process of getting a divorce and have financial concerns when it comes to hiring an attorney, contact our office today for a consultation.