Military family with daughterThis is the first post in a series of articles in which I will discuss how Nevada’s divorce laws may impact active-duty military members in Las Vegas. This post will provide an overview of the topics to be discussed throughout this series. For members of the United States military, whether stationed at Nellis Air Force Base or elsewhere, divorce can provide unique challenges that may not apply to civilians. It is important, therefore, to retain an attorney with family law experience and who has helped other military families through this process. My firm is able to represent members of the armed forces in divorce matters and I am ready to assist you. Contact my office today to speak with an attorney.

This series will address the following key topics:

  • Understanding Nevada’s residency requirements for military families
  • How Nevada’s community property laws may impact the division of military benefits
  • Determining spousal support in a military divorce
  • What to expect during the divorce process

For members of the armed forces who are considering a divorce, it is important to understand how these issues may impact your case for several reasons. Particularly, military personnel should be aware that the decision to file in Las Vegas or another potential location may impact the final financial outcome of the case. First, individuals considering filing for divorce should understand Nevada’s residency requirements. This may impact whether or not a couple can seek a divorce in Las Vegas. Second, the Clark County Family Court strives to divide marital assets equally between both spouses during a divorce. It is important to understand how the state’s community property laws may impact military benefits, such as one’s future pension. Third, the Court will review a variety of factors when determining whether or not to award spousal support to a former spouse. One should be aware of how one’s earnings and family situation may be viewed by the Court in making this determination. Fourth, all parties can benefit from knowing what to expect through the divorce process. For military families dealing with deployments or separations, this is particularly important.

If you are considering a divorce, contact experienced counsel as soon as possible to help you understand your options for filing in Las Vegas. Your lawyer will explain how this decision may impact the outcome of your case and prepare you for the road ahead. As a Las Vegas divorce lawyer, I can assist with such matters. I pride myself on providing a high level of service and my firm is ready to assist you. Contact us today.