Child holding passportThis is the next post in my series discussing international divorce when the couple’s main residence is in Las Vegas. My last post explained when a parent should be concerned about their child moving out of the country. In this post I will explain details which should be included in a child custody agreement when one parent intends to relocate outside of the country, with or without the child.

Nevada child custody agreements should specify travel schedules and who is financially responsible

When one parent is planning to move outside of the country, inevitably, someone will have to travel for visitation no matter who ends up with custody. It is important that the child custody agreement outline specifics when it comes to visitation so that problems can be avoided in the future. The first major point that must be resolved is how much visitation will be afforded and who will travel to whom. When two parents live in separate countries then it is not practical to order weekend visitation or other short visits. The Clark County Family Court will often order children to spend the summer with noncustodial parents as well as other long holidays such as Christmas vacation or Spring break. The children will generally travel to the noncustodial parent’s residence. If children are young then it is important that the custody agreement outline such issues such as if it is acceptable for the children to be assigned an escort by the airline, whose responsibility it is to ensure that the children’s passports and travel documentation is up to date, and how far in advance tickets should be purchased.

The second important point for the custody agreement to cover is who is responsible for covering the children’s traveling expenses. Courts will typically require the relocating party to bear the cost of travel. Depending on the circumstances, however, Nevada Courts may adjust child support to reflect travel expenses or it may require the parents to split costs. If children have any special needs while traveling then it is important to take these into account as well. By strictly outlining who is responsible for buying tickets, and when tickets should be purchased, problems can be avoided later down the line.

Parents may ask the Court to amend a visitation order if circumstances change

Even the most detailed custody order cannot plan for all future curve balls. Parents can lose or change jobs, have to relocate to another country, or find themselves in a living situation that is not appropriate for children. Whenever a significant change to a parent or child’s circumstances occur, either parent can request a modification to the custody order. This can include changes to the frequency of visitation, changes to the financial agreement related to visitation, or the custodial arrangement in general. Whenever a custody agreement no longer works then it is always possible to have the arrangement modified.

If you are currently involved in an international divorce then it is important to hire an attorney who understands all of the issues that must be addressed in the child custody settlement. For a consultation contact our Las Vegas family law office today.